• A path to mastering aromas

    Lorenzo Pazzaglia discovered the world of perfumes in the heart of his father's kitchen, a place where authentic aromas bewitched him from a very young age. This sensory experience was the starting point of his passion for perfumes. He learned to recognize them, to associate them, to sublimate them. Cooking became his canvas, and spices, his colors.

    The unique journey of a perfume creator

    Lorenzo wasn't content to express himself only through cooking. He has always been fascinated by the magic of perfumes, and this fascination guided him towards a new adventure. He set out to study perfumes, to understand them in their smallest details, and to shape them with artistic precision.

    A quest for authentic beauty

    Lorenzo's mission is clear: to spread beauty through authenticity. He creates perfumes that celebrate the diversity of smells on our planet, and he shares them with the whole world. His vision is that beauty is born from virtue, passion and dedication, rather than wealth.

  • Intense and long-lasting fragrances: the Lorenzo Pazzaglia brand

    Over time, Lorenzo perfected his art by experimenting with scents of exceptional intensity, using high concentrations of essential oils. This has resulted in remarkable creations, including the complex perfume Pax, an Extrait de Parfum that captures the very essence of Lorenzo. These unique fragrances have won over the masses, proving that passion and dedication can create timeless fragrances that stand the test of time.