• The life of Antoine Soradora

    Antoine Soradora was born on July 16, 1902 in Loulé, a small town in southern Portugal. His parents were farmers and very religious, which marked the life of the young man. Passionate about nature and perfumes, Antoine was also very solitary and thoughtful. At 18, he finds himself faced with a difficult choice: follow the path laid out for him or leave his country to live his life to the full.

    Antoine's passion for perfumes

    Antoine Soradora paid particular attention to each of the scents that define the contours of his daily environment. Lavender hanging wildly along the roads, the fusion of earth and water, the gushing of a spring at the edge of an undergrowth, peat, and hay, grass freshly cut in the spring, flowers and fruits, all these smells awakened his senses and his inspiration.

    Antoine Soradora and his arrival in France

    In 1920, when winter seemed to be dragging on, Antoine Soradora heard news that would change the course of his life: "France is recruiting foreign labor to supply its large mining operations", whispered his friend Sandro. Without looking back, Antoine Soradora makes the decision to leave his native land.

  • The trip was difficult, but he finally managed to reach the Bouches-du-Rhône and more precisely a small village called Gréasque. On the spot, he is welcomed by a French family who offers him a modest shed at the bottom of their garden as a dwelling.

    The Garden of Eden by Antoine Soradora in Provence

    The first sign of recognition that Antoine Soradora brought to this family was to transform this virgin land into a little paradise. A garden of Eden in Provence, filled with flowers, fruit trees and hundreds of varieties of aromatic plants.

    Antoine Soradora has thus become a symbol of the passion for nature and perfumes. Her story continues to inspire many around the world.