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Description :

Black is synonymous with elegance. It is the color of power and mystery. Black Muscs is an elegant and chic perfume from the house of Alexandre J. If you are a lover of musky perfumes, Black Muscs is for you. Black Muscs comes in 100ml Eau de Parfum.

Black Muscs is much more than a name, it's an ode to the elegance of black, imagined as a timeless haute couture tuxedo. Whether it's a man or a woman, Black Muscs is above all suitable for a personality. The incredible fragrance elevates you with its musky oriental scent.

Perfume yourself with this beautiful perfume and reinforce your presence for any occasion at any time of the day. More than a perfume, this perfume will add style to your personality and exalt the senses of those around you.

Perfume bottles are much more than an outer packaging. Their elegant and unique packaging has gold-plated accessories.

This elegant and chic perfume comes in a box and will win your heart. If you plan to offer an exceptional perfume, Black Muscs is the perfect choice. It is the ideal gift for the person who matters to you with its incredible fragrance and its splendid handmade box.

The top notes are a subtle blend of fresh lemon and bergamot. The heart of patchouli with accents of rose and violet unfolds and reveals a memorable trail of musky amber resonances. The balance of these notes comes from its concentration and makes Black Muscs unique by removing gender labels.

Top notes: Bergamot, Lemon

The bergamot present in the top notes of Black Musks reinforces the perfume by balancing the mixture of aromas. The charm of this perfume comes from its citrus fruits which bring a note of freshness. The mixture of lemon and Bergamot gives this perfume an inspiring and interesting side.

Heart Notes: Violet, Patchouli, Rose

The heart notes of Black Musks contain Patchouli, Rose and Violet. The Patchouli present in the heart notes has a spicy and musky touch that brings a sweet side to your experience. The elusive scent of rose blends perfectly with the other notes and charms your surroundings.

Base Notes: Amber, Musk

The amber present in the base notes brings a warm and resinous side to this perfume. Musk brings an oriental touch. The base notes mix easily with the other notes and make it a unique essence.