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Name Perfume
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Description : A mantle of rich green velvet sweeps across the Australian horizon, the majestic eucalyptus forest flattering every curve of the rolling landscape. Nestled high in the hollow of a tree, the koala is oblivious to the mesmerizing sights. He prefers to curl up in a ball and sleep on a feast of oily eucalyptus, the aromatic leaves that sustain him. Despite their sleepy demeanor and friendly expression, koalas are territorial creatures. The males mark the slender trunks with their musk, establishing their dominance.

Zoologist Koala opens with an invigorating blend of lemony honey and the sweet aroma of eucalyptus. They float above a blanket of black tea and spices, then draw you even deeper into musky amber and woods. The result is a unique, carefree scent that snuggles around you, enveloping you in a playful yet independent embrace.