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Description :

Morning Musks is an energetic and refreshing fragrance. Morning Musks helps you start your day off right with its sweet and uplifting scent. Mornings are so important since they announce the color the rest of the day. Morning Musks is the answer if you need an extra boost to start your day. It is an addictive perfume, which you will fall in love with systematically.

Morning Muscs reveals sensuality and unveils the irresistible part of each. It is an addictive pleasure, a light and energetic fragrance that will keep you feeling wonderful all day long. Perfume yourself with this floral and musky fragrance and experience a smooth journey.

Morning Muscs is an exceptional perfume that comes in an elegant leather box. Alexandre J is known for the quality of its aromatic ingredients and its unique handmade packaging. Ideal to offer it to the people who matter to you. The secondary packaging consists of a leather case.

The first delectable notes of peach and mandarin are matched by a sweet caramel and arouse addiction. The beautiful notes of rose, violet and patchouli are like a gourmet twilight, before the appearance of warm and bewitching notes.

Top notes: Mandarin, Grape, Peach, Caramel

The top notes contain tangerine, grape, peach, and caramel. Tangerine provides an uplifting sweet aroma. The grape gives you an energetic and refined feeling. The peach gives a sweet aspect to the perfume. The fresh peach aroma blends perfectly with the other notes. The caramel offers the delicacy of a salted butter caramel candy. The mixture of all these notes creates a rich and suave fragrance.

Heart Notes: Russian Rose, Turkish Rose, Patchouli, Violet

The heart notes of Morning Muscs contain Russian Rose, Turkish Rose, Patchouli and Violet. The rose scent gives you a soft and relaxing feeling. Patchouli present in the heart notes brings a spicy and oriental side to this perfume. The violet note present in the Morning Musks contains a sweet and powdery floral scent that brings all its elegance to this perfume.

Base Notes: Musk, Moss

Musk brings an oriental touch. The note of Moss gives a moist and earthy aroma. The marriage of Musk and Moss brings a fresh side to the perfume. The balance of these aromas combined with notes of rose make Morning Muscs a unique fragrance.