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Name Perfume
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Description : With its vibrant, sun-dappled hues, the dense rainforest draws inviting. Yet within its misty depths, countless dangers lurk, creeping across the forest floor. Swinging high among the treetops may seem like a dubious defense against peril, but for the quiet sloth, the forest canopy offers a protective shroud. Safe in their verdant fortress, the lazy creatures move so slowly that even the moss overtakes them. They sleep in a cradle of damp green aromas, unaware of the chaos below.

Zoologist Sloth captures the tranquility of this sleeping beast in a soothing green essence. Soothing lavender, chamomile, marigold and jasmine combine with the calm of bittersweet hay and moist moss, stitched together by luscious threads of incense. The result is dreamy and exotic. As it settles on the skin, Sloth carries one to a place where the stress just melts away.