• An exceptional perfume house

    Jovoy Parfums is an exceptional perfume house, where each creation is developed with passion. François Hénin, the founder of the house, and his seasoned partners, put their curiosity at the service of a market in perpetual motion. The house offers a wide range of niche fragrances, designed by the greatest noses of international perfumery.

    A wide sampling offer

    For nearly 10 years, Jovoy Parfums' very wide sampling offer has contributed to the reputation of the Parisian boutique, offering samples in singles or in thematic boxes to allow you to discover new fragrances with ease. Jovoy Paris is the guarantee of finding the fragrance that suits you, in an elegant and refined universe, imbued with the passion of its creators for niche perfumery.

  • A unique experience

    Their site offers you a unique experience, which allows you to discover and experiment with the fragrances of your choice. They have developed numerous functionalities to accompany the reading of the olfactory profile of a perfume, to identify which fragrance corresponds to you, and to test the fragrances.