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Name Perfume
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Description : Like the luminescent skin of a reptile, the fiery scales of sunlight ripple across the surface of the Indian Ocean, slowly fading to gold and finally sapphire as the sun sets and disappears. The sea exhales, its gentle tide caressing the beach of a paradise island. The iodized breath mixes with the narcotic aromas of ylang and frangipani in an intimate kiss that makes the branches shiver. Something stirs – an eye swivels, a tail clings to a slender branch. Will the creature disappear among the leaves, or flirt with a bold display of color? Nobody knows. The secrets that hide under the skin of the chameleon leave Madagascar guessing.

Madagascar, home to half of the world's chameleon species, holds the key to the chameleon zoologist. Like the kaleidoscope of hues that swirl through the flesh of these exotic creatures, ylang dances with delicate frangipani on your skin in a creamy floral melody, while aphrodisiac vanilla blends with salty, silky musks to envelop you in fruity and exotic atmosphere of the island. Whether you want to shroud yourself in an air of mystery or openly show your true colors, Chameleon becomes you.