• Exceptional fragrances for all tastes

    Kajal Parfumes Paris is a niche perfume house that draws its inspiration from the world of beauty and Indian culture. The name "Kajal" means "kohl" in Hindi, a black powder traditionally used to highlight the eyes and give them a deep and mysterious look. The brand is also inspired by the Arabic word "khajal" which means "to be humble, modest and to consider others with dignity and respect".

    Refined and unique fragrances

    Kajal Parfumes Paris' passion for perfumes translates into a refined and unique collection, composed of collections for men and women. The brand's creations are the result of careful selection of the finest raw materials and craftsmanship.

  • An international perfume house

    The company is registered in Paris, France, with marketing and product development offices located in Toronto, Canada. Sales and logistics offices are operated from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This international presence allows Kajal Parfumes Paris to offer its creations to a global audience and to make itself known to niche perfume lovers around the world.