• The creative and versatile French designer

    Alexandre.J is a French creator passionate about perfumes who launched his eponymous brand in 2012. His goal was to offer his vision of beauty by breaking free from the codes of traditional perfumery by combining packaging and exceptional fragrances.

    Multi-cultural inspirations for a unique creative process

    Alexandre.J's multi-cultural inspirations are felt in his creative process, which is reflected in particular in mother-of-pearl bottles, glass paste stoppers, enamel medallions and pearl ornaments. He also does not hesitate to join forces with other artists from different artistic universes to create ever more surprising works.

    Refusing to compromise to give life to objects that arouse emotion

    Alexandre.J is an architect of materials and senses who refuses compromises to give life to objects that arouse emotion. He not only creates perfumes, but olfactory experiences that touch the senses and emotions of perfume lovers.

  • The combination of luxurious packaging and exceptional fragrances

    For Alexandre.J, perfumery is an art that must be approached with creativity and innovation. This is why he not only creates fragrances, but also imagines luxurious packaging that reflects the quality and exclusivity of his perfumes.

    In conclusion,

    Alexandre.J is a passionate and innovative French perfume creator who has managed to free himself from the codes of traditional perfumery to create unique perfumes that arouse emotions. His eponymous brand is a must for all lovers of niche perfumes looking for exclusive and unforgettable olfactory experiences.