• Orto Parisi is an Italian niche perfume house created by nose Alessandro Gualtieri. Inspired by the relationship between the body and smells, Gualtieri has created fragrances that reflect the different parts of our body that carry the most smells.

    An ode to innate animality

    Orto Parisi considers that our body is a garden and that its smells are a true mirror of our soul. Orto Parisi perfumes are a tribute to our innate animality, reflecting our connection with nature and civilization. Each fragrance is a unique expression of the personality of the wearer.

    Niche fragrances created with rare ingredients

    Orto Parisi perfumes are designed with rare and quality ingredients, carefully selected for their evocative power. The fragrances are a harmonious blend of natural and synthetic raw materials, creating unique and intense olfactory compositions.

  • Discover Orto Parisi perfumes

    Discover Orto Parisi perfumes and immerse yourself in an olfactory universe rich in emotions. Each fragrance is a unique experience, a sensory journey through the parts of our body that carry the most scents. Intense and evocative fragrances, which leave an unforgettable olfactory imprint.