• House of Creed: a rich and prestigious history

    Made from exceptional ingredients, House of Creed is an old and high-end perfumery dedicated to the creation of original fragrances. Founded in 1760 by James Henry Creed, the Creed house quickly made its mark in the world of perfumery by becoming the official supplier of the royal house.

    The art of olfactory creation

    Today managed by Olivier Creed, perfumer and direct descendant of the founder, the Creed house perpetuates the tradition of creating unique perfumes. Each fragrance is the result of meticulous research of the best ingredients around the world. Aventus, Rose from Bulgaria, Jasmine from Italy, Iris from Florence and many other fragrances are carefully selected and associated according to secret recipes handed down from generation to generation. The manufacture of Creed perfumes is done according to artisanal methods where each ingredient is weighed, mixed and macerated by hand. This attention to detail and quality ensures exceptional olfactory creations, appreciated by lovers of niche perfumes.

    A legacy of excellence

    The Creed house has more than 200 perfumes to its credit, each of which is a unique expression of the creativity and expertise of the Creed family. For more than 260 years, Creed has continued to write its perfume history, keeping intact its reputation for excellence and innovation in the field of niche perfumery.

  • By visiting our boutique, you will discover a universe where timeless elegance meets creative audacity. Let yourself be transported by the unique and refined fragrances of House of Creed, and immerse yourself in an extraordinary olfactory experience.

    Creed House Values

    At Creed, we believe in preserving artisan traditions and using the highest quality ingredients. Every fragrance we create embodies our commitment to excellence and authenticity. We are proud to perpetuate the family heritage and to share with you exceptional perfumes, true testimonies of our passion and our know-how.

    Explore the world of Creed and let yourself be enchanted by the excellence of niche perfumes. Tradition, creativity and quality come together to offer you exceptional fragrances. Discover the fragrance that suits you and express your style with elegance and sophistication.