• Istanbul's niche perfume brand

    NISHANE is the first and only niche fragrance brand based in Istanbul, celebrated worldwide for its exceptional take on artistic perfumery. The singularity of the olfactory creations testifies to the inspiration of rooted traditions, of a modern vision that has embraced so many civilizations.

    Unique fragrances for precious moments

    Each NISHANE fragrance is designed as a tribute to different emotions and moods, to ensure precious moments to be remembered.

    Carefully crafted art collections

    The "Rumi Collection", inspired by quotes from Mevlânâ Celâleddîn-i Rûmî, the "Shadow Play Trilogy", inspired by traditional shadow play also known as "Karagöz & Hacivat", the "Imaginative Collection", inspired by the new "Le Petit Prince", and the "No Boundaries Collection", designed to give the message of hope to end all emotional boundaries between people around the world are examples of storytelling through perfumes.

  • A symbol of the value you place on yourself and your loved ones

    NISHANE means mark, sign or symbol. NISHANE is ready to be the symbol of the value you place on yourself and your loved ones with sophisticated and unique fragrances and an elegant touch of its artistic collections designed with the utmost care. Bearing in mind that a delicate pinch of fragrance has the ability to ignite treasured memories as well as illuminating feelings, NISHANE is here to deliver unforgettable moments.