The Cyprus olfactory family

La Famille olfactive Chyprée

Discover the Cyprus olfactory family

Perfumes have the magical power to transport our senses into a unique olfactory universe. Each perfume has its own personality, and this is largely due to the olfactory families to which they belong. Among these families, the chypre olfactory family occupies a particularly special place.

What is the Chypre Olfactory Family?

The term "Cyprus" has its origins in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus, which inspired the creation of this olfactory family. First created in 1917 by François Coty, this family of perfumes quickly established itself in the industry thanks to its uniqueness.

Characteristics of chypres

Chypre perfumes are distinguished by a complex olfactory structure that evolves over time. Their top notes often offer refreshing citrus, while the heart notes feature captivating floral accords. Finally, the base notes, dominated by oakmoss, provide characteristic warmth and sensuality.

Popular chypre notes

At the heart of the chypre family is oakmoss, an essential ingredient that gives perfumes their unique signature. By combining it with citrus fruits, floral notes and woody accords, perfumers create harmonious compositions that leave an impression.

Amber: Amber is a key ingredient in chypre perfumes. This precious resin, derived from ambergris or yellow amber, gives off a captivating and sensual aura.

Vanilla: Vanilla is an emblematic sweet note in chypre perfumes. Its sweet and sensual fragrance adds a touch of indulgence to olfactory compositions. Vanilla balances the richness of the other ingredients and creates a comforting and addictive aura in chypre perfumes.

Famous Chypre Perfumes

Certain chypre creations have become true icons of perfumery. Masterpieces like “Miss Dior”, “Chypre de Coty”, “Shalimar, have left an indelible mark in the history of perfumes, inspiring many generations of perfumers.

How to Choose a Chypre Perfume

To find the chypre perfume that suits you, it is essential to take into account your personality and your olfactory preferences. Testing the fragrance on your skin and letting it evolve is a crucial step in the selection process. Additionally, choosing the perfect time to wear a chypre perfume can accentuate its charm and staying power.

The Impact of the Chyprée Family in the Perfume Industry

The chypre olfactory family represents an essential part of the perfumed universe. Its unique and complex compositions have captured the hearts of perfume lovers around the world, leaving an indelible mark in the history of perfumery. Whether you are attracted to floral, fruity, green or modern chypres, these fragrances offer you an unforgettable olfactory experience.

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