• The olfactory journey with Memo Paris

    Memo Paris embodies a vision of niche perfumery focused on travel and discovery. Since 2007, the house has imagined fragrances inspired by the most magical and exotic destinations on the planet, using superior quality natural ingredients. The result is a unique olfactory world map, a collection of exceptional perfumes that invite discovery and escape.

    The origin of Memo Paris

    Founded by Clara Molloy and her husband John, Memo Paris was born from their common passion for travel and perfumes. Clara who was Parisian, poet and Catalan while John was Irish globetrotter wanted to create a brand in their image: audacious, creative and inspiring. Since then, they have constantly traveled the world to unearth the rarest and most precious ingredients, in order to sublimate them in their olfactory creations.

    The art of perfume at Memo Paris

    At Memo Paris, the art of perfume is nourished by patience, high standards and creativity. The perfumers of the house have total freedom of creation, which allows them to express all their originality and their personality. The compositions are always made with the best natural ingredients, without limit in choice or quality.

  • Memo fragrances are thus endowed with a strong personality, which is expressed on the skin with great staying power and a beautiful evolution over time.

    With Memo Paris, travel is at the heart of niche perfumery. The house invites you to discover new scents, new horizons, by creating unique and exceptional fragrances. Thanks to its emblematic collections, its superior quality natural ingredients and its boundless creativity, Memo Paris has established itself as one of the most prestigious and respected houses in niche perfumery.