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Description : ANI was the first reference launched in 2019 under the new theme "NO BOUNDARIES" which aimed to eliminate all emotional boundaries between people. The perfume immediately became a worldwide hit being often mentioned as the best vanilla perfume ever. With ANI X, NISHANE wanted to showcase that mystical journey through time fans have had with ANI, a scent that pays homage to an ancient metropolis that now stands as a monument to the power of empires and inevitability. time. Much like the original bestseller, ANI X aims to break down boundaries and empower wearers to build their own empire from the ruins. In an attempt to reach fragrance lovers who specifically seek the refreshing aspect of fragrance, ANI X has been designed to open with a richer burst of juicy citrus than ANI's original formula. The freshness that the wearer will feel with the new ANI X in addition to the well-known vanilla excellence of the original ANI will be a nice surprise for perfume lovers.

ANI X is a fragrance with a true legacy to its name, and invites you to explore how to break down the boundaries of time and space, to create your own empire even when all that remains is ruins. So spray ANI X, let the fragrance take you on a journey through the ages and embrace the power of history in a bottle.