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Name Perfume
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Description : From the ethereal vantage point of the delightfully adorned hummingbird, the world is an endless kaleidoscope of colorful, fragrant flowers offering their tempting delights. An insatiable desire for sweetness propels the hummingbird as it floats from flower to flower, tasting the nectar with the light touch of its delicate tongue. Retreating to his nest lined with lichen and moss, he settles into the cozy cocoon and dreams of sweet ambrosia.

Zoologist Hummingbird blends light floral tones with delicious fruity nectars to create a harmonious balance. This diaphanous scent lands on you in a pastel bouquet of honeysuckle, mimosa, lilac and peony, with just the lightest dusting of natural sugars found in pear, cherry and honey. A final dollop of velvety whipped cream fuses the tantalizing notes, completing this irresistible and opulent scent.